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Update on Preventive measures against COVID-19

Ministry of Coal

Ministry of Coal is taking various measures for prevention against COVID-19 to ensure strict compliance of the Advisories issued by Government of India from time to time.

The Ministry of Coal at its headquarters in Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi, has deployed a dedicated team of cleaning staff to ensure proper cleanliness and sanitizing of the work place, frequently touched surfaces viz. door handles, door locks, office floors, common corridor and  office equipment. Further, provision of hand sanitizers has been made at the entry gates of the Ministry.

In compliance, measures taken by CIL, NLCIL and SCCL (Singareni Collieries Company Limited), are detailed below:



  • Awareness drives for employees and contractual staff especially for frontline staff, cafeteria staff, drivers, housekeeping staff and maintenance personnel.

  • Restriction on entry of visitors into office premises.

  • Facility of Thermal Scanners (at CIL HQ) and Hand Sanitizers at the entry gates for each person entering the premises.

  • Hand Sanitizers at various places within the company’s buildings including washrooms etc.

  • Usage of E-Office for putting up files is being encouraged in place of movement of physical files.

  • Frequent sanitization of the work stations and tables

  • Stoppage of Biometric attendance until March 31, 2020, in the first instance.

  • All sports, events, public gatherings, etc discontinued until further orders.

  • Recruitment exam postponed until further orders.

  • All recreation centres/gyms/crèches (wherever operational) in the office building closed.

  • Setting up of Isolation wards in Hospitals of subsidiaries of CIL.

  • Training to Doctors and paramedical staffs by the trained nodal officers in subsidiaries of CIL.

  • Employees having history of foreign travel or contact with travellers from foreign countries are being identified and screened. (In WCL)



o    Review of Preventive actions taken for COVID-19 on daily basis.

o    Biometric punching in NLCIL has been exempted up to 31.03.2020.

  • Recent travel history in the prescribed format is being obtained for all the guests arriving in Guest houses.

o    Four wards with isolation facilities in NLCIL General Hospital (GH) for quarantining 73 persons are kept in readiness to handle any emergency in the context of COVID 19.

o    Training workshops were organized for doctors and paramedical staff of NLCIL GH on COVID-19.

o    NLCIL maintains around 20,000 self-contained quarters under its ambit and health & hygiene of the Township.

o    All the Health Inspectors have been sensitized on the COVID-19.

o    CSR Cell of NLCIL is spreading the message in peripheral villages and also distributing the notices.

o    A short advisory cum preventive guidelines video has been uploaded in NLCIL intranet.

o    A painting explaining the symptoms and preventive measures of Covid-19 has been erected at the entrance compound wall of Bazaar premises.

o    Sanitisers are provided at all the entry points and in rest rooms;

o    Screening through thermal scanners is being done at the entry points of the office/units.



SCCL is having 7 hospitals in six districts of Telangana (Komaram Bheem, Mancherial, Peddapalli, Jayashankar Bhupalpalli, Bhadradri Kothagudem and Khammam). Arrangements are being made for quarantine facility @ 10 persons per hospitals. The details are as below:

Sl. No.

Name of the Hospital

Facility for quarantine
(No. of Persons)


Main hospital, Kothagudem



Area Hospital, Yellandu



Area Hospital, Manuguru



Area Hospital, Bhupalpalli



Area Hospital, Ramagundam



Area, Hospital, Ramakrishnapur



Area hospital, Bellampalli






  • Action plan has been prepared and communicated to take precautionary measures including awareness among the workers at Mines, Departments and at colonies.

  • Biometric attendance has been suspended till further orders

  • Soaps, sanitizers & Handkerchiefs distributed to employees & outsourced workmen in some areas of SCCL

  • Meetings are being held through video-conferencing in SCCL to avoid gathering

  • Weekly Club days in SCCL are cancelled. Gyms & swimming pools closed

  • Schools under Singareni educational society closed & Hostels vacated

Ø All programs, which may attract large gathering, are postponed / cancelled.

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